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Redding, California


August 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015



Appendix A includes a list of recruitment sources, indicating name, address, contact person and telephone number of each.  Sources with an asterisk (*) denote organizations that have requested notification of all full-time job vacancies.   





Traffic / Reception             (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 , #7, #8, #23)                       

[Hire # 6]


Traffic / Reception             (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #23)  

[Hire #7]                        




10  Interviews





#1 (4 persons), #6 (1 persons), #7 (38 persons) #23 (3 persons)





Appendix A


(An asterisk (*) after the source denotes organizations

that requested notification of full-time job vacancies.)

o. Source (name, address, contact person, telephone) No. Source (name, address, contact person, telephone)
1. Results Radio, LLC Websites

Ron Castro, 1355 N. Dutton Ave. Santa Rosa CA


13. AllAccess.com

(Web-site posting form)

2. California Broadcasters Association

Mark Powers, 915 L Street, #1150

Sacramento, CA 95814 916-444-2237

14. tvandradiojobs.com
3. Ohlone College Office of Transfer & Career

Services.  General Manager, 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA 94539 510-659-6098

15. Shastacollege.edu
4. Mendocino College

Barbara Nobles, 1000 Hensley Creek Road

Ukiah, CA 95482 707-468-3044

16. ButteCollege
5. NAACP Sacramento

Alice Huffman, President

9960 Svona Drive, Sacramento CA 95829


17. Auburn Journal & Daily News
6. Results Radio Internal Postings

Market Managers, Results Radio

1355 N. Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa, CA


18. Radio Tech, Tech Zone, Tech Assist
7. Craig’s List

(Web-site posting form)

19. AMFMjobs.com
8. Employee Referrals 20. Broadcasters Desk Reference
9. Record Searchlight  (local newspaper)

1101 Twin View Blvd, Redding CA 96003


21. NAB Career page
10. Results Radio Radio Recruitment Advertising 22. Society of Broadcast Engineers
11. Word of Mouth 23. SMART Business Center
12. Reddinghelpwanted.com 24.


Appendix B


Supplemental Outreach Initiatives

(August 1, 2014 thru July 31, 2015)

FCC Menu Categories

  1. Participation in at least four job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in making hiring decisions;
  2. Hosting of at least one job fair;
  3. Co-sponsoring of at least one job fair with organizations in the business and professional community whose membership includes substantial participation by women and minorities;
  4. Participation in at least four events, including conventions, career days, workshops, and similar activities, sponsored by organizations representing groups present in the community interested in broadcast employment issues;
  5. Establishment of an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment;
  6. Participation in job banks, Internet programs, and other programs designed to promote outreach generally (i.e., outreach that is not primarily directed to providing notification of specific job vacancies);
  7. Participation in scholarship programs designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting;
  8. Establishment of training programs designed to enable station personnel to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher level positions;
  9. Establishment of a mentoring program for station personnel;
  10. Participation in at least four events or programs sponsored by educational institutions relating to career opportunities in broadcasting;
  11. Sponsorship of at least two events in the community designed to inform and educate members of the public about employment opportunities in broadcasting;
  12. Listing of each upper-level category opening in a job bank or newsletter of media trade groups whose membership includes substantial participation by women and minorities;
  13. Provision of assistance to unaffiliated non-profit entities in the maintenance of web sites that provide counseling on the process of searching for broadcast employment and/or other career development assistance pertinent to broadcasting;
  14. Provision of training to management level personnel as to methods of ensuring equal employment opportunity and preventing discrimination;
  15. Provision of training to personnel of unaffiliated non-profit organizations interested in broadcast employment opportunities that would enable them to better refer job candidates for broadcast positions;
  16. Participation in other activities designed by the station reasonably calculated to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.
Menu Category (select

# from above list)

Brief Description of Activity, Including Date(s) and Station Staff Involved
Category #16 On-air Public Service campaign soliciting organizations to register with Results Radio

as resource contacts when full-times employment opportunities become available.

Category #6 Participated in the City of Redding’s EDD and PIC programs.  (These programs

match potential employees with employers for disability retraining.)

Worked with the Mains’l Services Center to allow several interns with special needs to job shadow our Operations Manager, Lee Cagle

Category #1 Jacob Fontana  (KKXS PD) attended the  Shasta College Welcome day event (October 2014)

Jacob Fontana (KKXS PD) attended the College Quest event (September 2014)

KEWB and KNCQ attended  the SMART Business (March 2015)

Category #1 Results Radio attended the Shasta College Job Expo on Thursday,

April 14, 2015

Naomi Yamamoto and Patrick John spoke at a Leadership Redding conference regarding jobs in the broadcasting industry (May 2015)

Category #1 Results Radio attended and promoted the Small Business Development Center’s Job Fair in November, 2014
Category #6 Continued our recruitment relationship with the Shasta College Job Center / and

intern department.

Category #6 All Results Radio, LLC websites, including sites for the following stations:  KESR, KNCQ, KEWB, KKXS, KHRD, KTHU, KCEZ, KRQR, KBQB, KMJE, KKCY, and KKCL have information for job seekers that lists contact personnel in all clusters

Beth Tappan

Results Radio, Market Manager

Prepared:  July 31, 2015

Filed:        July 31, 2015