September 21, 2020

XS Sports

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Here’s our new and improved app! Replace the old one now.  Click on iPhone or Android for download link and more info.


Time-Out Problem on Certain Samsung model phones:

Some devices have power-saving controls that suggests certain apps should be “put to sleep” and this can cause this app (and others) to inconveniently time-out.  Here’s the fix:

1-Go to Settings.  Go to “Device Maintenance”.

2-Select “Battery”.

3-Select “Unmonitored Apps”.  This control selects apps that won’t be suggested to be put to sleep.  You will see a list of apps that can use as much power as they want.

4-At the bottom of the list of “Unmonitored Apps”,  select “Add apps”.   From the list, choose this radio station’s app.

5-Close this up, and your app will operate normally.